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Welcome to our new feature where we highlight several recommended books. We hope you enjoy our selections.

On ApologyOn Apology by Aaron Lazare

Book Description
One of the most profound interactions that can occur between people, apologies have the power to heal humiliations, free the mind from deep-seated guilt, remove the desire for vengeance, and ultimately restore broken relationships.  With On Apology, Aaron Lazare offers an eye-opening analysis of this vital interaction, illuminating an often hidden corner of the human heart.

ISBN 0195189116






Decent People, Decent Company: How to Lead With Character at Work and in LifeDecent People, Decent Company by Robert L Turknett and Carolyn N. Turknett

From the Authors

We wrote DECENT PEOPLE, DECENT COMPANY because we want to help people grow.  We believe that developing the character necessary for leadership can be the most rewarding and profound thing you've ever done.  It allows you to accomplish more, to genuinely like your job more, to commit more fully to whatever you're doing--whether that's running a Fortune 500 company, organizing a PTA fundraiser, or managing a major project at work--and to simply enjoy life more.  

ISBN 0891062068





Samurai Leader TheThe Samurai Leader by Bill Diffenderffer

Book Description
In the wake of Enron and the rash of corporate scandals, ethics, and integrity are two of the biggest topics in business.  Can you be ethical and aggressive, honorable and accomplished?  You can. The Samurai Leader provides business managers with the lessons of courage, honor, and integrity from one of the most ancient, respected and successful sources: the samurai code.

ISBN 1402205465







The Right Thing: Conscience, Profit and Personal Responsibility in Today's BusinessThe Right Thing by Jeffrey Seglin

Book Description

This engaging and provocative new book brings the issues of corporate and personal responsibility in a profit-driven world down to the kind of everyday decisions we all have to make.


"Seglin’s mini-essays are gems of practical wisdom."
Joseph Badaracco, Professor of Business Ethics, Harvard Business School, author of Defining Moments and Leading Quietly.

ISBN 1904298974






Your Leadership Legacy: Why Looking Toward the Future Will Make You a Better Leader Today

Your Leadership Legacy by Robert Galford and Regina Maruca

Book Description       

You should worry about your legacy later in your career, at the edge of retirement—right?  Not according to Robert Galford and Regina Maruca. In Your Leadership Legacy, these authors argue that thinking about your legacy now makes you a better leader today. Based on stories of top leaders who have shaped successful careers, the book explores the art of “legacy thinking,” helping you to formulate a legacy that will exert a positive effect on your work immediately. The authors provide a disciplined approach to framing your legacy, as well as shaping it over time.

ISBN 1591396174




The Responsible Manager: Practical Strategies for Ethical Decision Making

The Responsible Manager by Michael Rion

Book Description
In no-nonsense fashion, Rion provides busy executives, managers at all levels and everyone in business with the practical tools and perspectives they need to make responsible decisions in difficult situations.  Rion uses case studies to illustrate principles of responsible management.  He presents a six-question framework for resolving such ethical issues as truth telling in business deals, handling difficult employees, trading with repressive governments, and more.

ISBN 0972362118




Good Intentions Aside: A Manager's Guide to Resolving Ethical Problems

Good Intentions Aside by Laura L. Nash

Book Description
Good Intentions Aside addresses the theoretical and practical issues of recognizing and responding to ethical dilemmas.  By looking at numerous instances in which individuals face tough moral choices at work, Laura Nash provides managers with real-world problems that make clear the link between good ethics and good business. She shows managers how to get back in touch with their commonsense standards of integrity by providing a set of conceptual tasks and practical questions that help them take a fresh look at their own business thinking.

ISBN 0875844294